Junk/WIP dump. I’m tired.

my interpretation of the new Assassin’s Creed protagonist (I might be in love)

my stupid oc I invented when I was 14. his name’s zaccheri d’arzenta, or just zacch. he’s from italy, born into a mafia family. plays piano. enjoys candy. tries to quit smoking. italian/iranian blood. 

probably going to burn this in the morning /o/

The snk art on this blog makes me so happy bless you both

oh my god thank you so much! can i just hug you through the computer screen aahhhhg -kel

I’m not crying, there’s just this character in my eye.

(edit: new layout messed the resolution up somehow, it’s a lot crisper in full-view)

LOl I forgot I did this sometime last year and thought it looked bad but oh well it’s a sketch

how do u digital paint I am so frustrated. wip.

pirate eyeliner overload


things to remember while drawing:

  • anatomy is great but dont stop because you cant get it perfect
  • not every picture has to be a masterpiece
  • try new things but remember its ok to draw things you like to draw
  • just because someone younger than you is “better” than you are does not mean you are untalented 
  • everyone sees things differently
  • be proud of what you can do because nobody can do things the same way you can

not snk but james kidd is cool 



Go there, and do as the instructions say.
When my art was stolen, I got the post reported, and it was taken down. Don’t worry, it doesn’t just take down the sources post, but it takes down all the reblogged posts too.
Please give this a reblog, many artists out there may not know this is here.
And remember, ask permission before sharing, or don’t post it.

im sorry can i ask where i cam find this famous 1994 fan art :3


apparently it’s this one? idek man, you be the judge of whether it’s any good or not. goth levi is a rly good gimmick I guess (it’s the best gimmick)